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DecemDominion System Flips Georgia Trump Votes to Biden State Orders DOMINION 2020 Counties to Certify Dominion Results Anyway ATLANTA GA – VoterGA announced today it has confirmed the Dominion Democracy Suite 5. The Dominion voting machines that Georgia and several other states use are unsecure and open to manipulation during the counting process. In counties that didn’t use those.

That only leaves 624,000 other votes, fewer. 3 election it has been under scrutiny and judgment, but backed by little evidence presented in a courtroom, enough to inspire a judge to keep any of the Trump cases alive so far. General Michael Flynn on Election: “We have serious, serious foreign influence with Dominion voting machines” Maria Bartiromo had a bombshell interview with General Michael Flynn this morning on Sunday Morning Futures. 3 million votes — 52%, or 676,000, of which went to Trump. Dominion Voting Systems discusses election with NewsNow. Dominion Energy provides electricity to more than 2.

While voter fraud claims concerning Dominion Voting Software started on the fringes on the internet, they officially went mainstream on Nov. — Konstantinos Roditis Novem. Dominion Energy, through the Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation, will award 0,000 in unrestricted grants to area non-profits that have made a difference in the communities the company. In a March video of an emergency meeting of the Chicago Election Board (CEB), that body approved a motion to provide Dominion Voting Systems the right and capability to remotely access their machines in an administrative role during the election. Today, Kings Dominion announced that it would remain closed for the rest of due to challenges related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. That&39;s because Dominion only serves 14 counties in the state, which produced a total DOMINION 2020 of 1. Dominion&39;s voting systems are certified for the elections. Dominion Energy has sliced its quarterly dividend.

The capabilities or lack thereof of Dominion Voting Systems, the sketchy company that some pro-Trump attorneys have claimed switched votes in the presidential election, have come into question. , filing Octo, Staple notified U. On Wednesday, the big regional gas and electricity provider declared that its next payout will be [FULLTEXT]. President Trump’s lead attorney, Rudy Giuliani, has mentioned Dominion Voting Machines multiple times. President Donald Trump posted a. More DOMINION images.

Trump&39;s now-former lawyer Sidney Powell was laser-focused on Dominion, calling it “election insurance. Dominion Voting Systems CEO John Poulos shot down allegations that his company flipped votes away from President Trump, testifying Tuesday that any errors in vote-counting in states that used his. This second of two. Servers that run Dominion software are located in local election offices, and data never leaves the control of local election officials.

Brian Kemp, Trump campaign lawyer Sidney Powell on Newsmax TV vowed to deliver a "biblical" voter fraud case. She appeared on “Lou Dobbs Tonight” on Thursday to give additional details about Dominion and Smartmatic voting software, which is now being referred to as a “Cyber Pearl Harbor. New Right Network has been following the story and has published several articles revealing connections between Dominion, Scytl, and Smartmatic. The French colonial empire constituted the overseas colonies, protectorates and mandate territories that came under French rule from the 16th century onward. Kraken-releasing attorney Sidney Powell is still in the process of unveiling the damning evidence that she claims indicates the presidential election was stolen from President Donald Trump.

Judge Kevin Elsenheimer of the 13th Circuit Court on Monday ordered a "forensic imaging" of the Dominion Voting Systems machines and software used in Antrim County, Michigan, where 6,000 votes. Dominion CEO John Poulos wrote a hearing is a chance to combat "the continuing malicious and widespread disinformation campaign" against his company. Dominion Voting Systems sent a blistering letter on Wednesday night to the right-wing lawyer Sidney Powell, demanding that she publicly retract her “wild, knowingly baseless and false. The safety of our guests and associates is always our top priority, and we have done our due diligence in developing a comprehensive safety plan in accordance with industry and public health standards. The problem, however, is. 5 million homes and businesses in Virginia.

The use of illegal and/or fabricated ballots is an additional issue altogether, but this is sufficient evidence to question the validity of the ENTIRE Election in the 28 states that used Dominion software. 63 per share, to be paid on Dec. SEC 10/08/20 they’re expecting 0 million minimum. But now after a rushed Delaware Corp. Dominion Voting Systems, a Canadian based voting system company, has been under massive scrutiny following the General Election in the United States. The Department of Homeland Security&39;s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) issued a statement last week defending the integrity of the election. — Robb Hurst, CPA 🐸 Decem.

Staple Street owns Dominion and is a relatively small private equity company, who has not raised capital or had substantial new investors since / of about 0 million. Dominion has been around since, but since the Nov. County&39;s Voting Machines Claims Dominion &39;Intentionally and Purposefully Designed&39; for &39;Fraud&39; By Megan Fox 5:40 PM ET Share Tweet Share.

According to an article entitled Election : Setting the record straight on their website, the company notes that "voting has proceeded smoothly in all 28 states where our systems are used". Twenty-eight states used voting equipment from Dominion Voting Systems in. Dominion Energy operates in 16 states across the U. Forensics Report on Mich. Source: Debbie Browning Tift Co Republican Party. A distinction is generally made between the "First French Colonial Empire," that existed until 1814, by which time most of it had been lost or sold, and the "Second French Colonial Empire", which began with the conquest of Algiers in 1830.

While voter fraud claims concerning Dominion Voting Software started on the fringes on the internet, they officially went mainstream on Nov. Dominion does not have the ability to review votes in real-time as they are submitted. 3 rd election were examined by cyber teams and found to have concrete proof of massive cyber election fraud, according to CDMedia. Since presidential election of, Dominion has come under wide public scrutiny, particularly in Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin—critical toss-up states with close. As claims are being made that voting systems created by a company called Dominion are linked to potential fraud in the election, a man who infiltrated Antifa now says he was in a conference call where an engineer from Dominion said he “made f**king sure” Trump wouldn’t 2020 win the election. , offering clean, safe, reliable, and affordable energy to more than 7 million customers. Levying explosive claims of widespread voter fraud specifically tied to Dominion Voting Systems and potentially a pay-for-play scheme with GOP Gov.

Synonym Discussion of dominion. The Dominion machines are used all over the US: TRENDING: PRESIDENT TRUMP Retweets Attorney Lin Wood: Kemp and Raffensperger "Will Soon be Going to Jail" Just pause for a moment and consider that a widespread election software system that was used in virtually every swing state in the election is called “Dominion. How to use dominion in a sentence. Dominion systems are used across Michigan and in as many as 30 states, including several disputed battleground states.

Decem Updated: Decem Print A Michigan lawmaker leading the DOMINION 2020 investigation into the election threatened Dominion Voting Systems CEO with a subpoena if he doesn’t appear. Attorneys Lin Wood and Sidney Powell have included Dominion Voting Systems in lawsuits they’ve filed regarding voter fraud in Georgia and Michigan. Dominion definition is - domain. This first of two v. Dominion Voting Systems is an election services company from Canada that is responsible for the technology used to count votes in many of the close battleground states in the presidential.

5 system used throughout Georgia flipped dozens of votes cast. Dominion Voting Systems dismissed the audit, claiming it is the subject of a "continuing malicious and widespread disinformation campaign" to undermine confidence in the Nov. The company is addressing criticism from President Trump and some voters regarding the election results. The average shift in the margin between the two major-party candidates from to in counties that used Dominion systems was a four-point shift to Biden.


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